Georgo Morderer Funk With You

By the time she teamed up with producers Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte. sensualist hit songs like “Lovin’ You”), and boy, oh boy, oh boy, in terms of sex. That’s a tale in which Donna Summer wo.

They made everything from gritty synth-funk and video game music to the sort of lush. In Simon Reynolds’ thorough history of rave, May adds that Bootsy Collins, Giorgio Moroder, and YMO also had a.

Watch the compelling history lesson below: Palmer cites Italian composer Giorgio Moroder, who notably produced Donna Summer. performed by Blondie is the lead song of the soundtrack, and you can’t r.

If you’re a kid from the 80s. in honor of the movie finally making it to DVD/Blu-Ray. The flick, dubbed, Giorgio Moroder Presents Metropolis, will have a roughly 20-city theatrical run before relea.

The snag: you only get one minute snippets of each. Eliasson stays onboard to make art from the speed of a train, Giorgio Moroder gives a 60 second lesson on the creation of electro funk. The art i.

But we CAN give you this AH-Mazing cover featuring the pop superstar! The singer will be featured on Giorgio Moroder‘s upcoming album 74 Is The New 24, but the ’80s song Brit would be covering was kep.

Live at the Necropolis: Lords of the Synth is a perfectly pitched retro-fitted homage to the cosmic noodling of Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis and Wendy Carlos. from impending doom with their synth skil.

Donna Summer’s funeral is underway. Sources tell us, Italian record producer Giorgio Moroder is also present at the funeral. Moroder produced several disco hits with Summer, including "Love to Love.

We also wanted to pay tribute to Mr. is the CR-78 Track. Giorgio Moroder’s Scarface soundtrack shows the Jupiter-8 in all its glory. Larry Heard’s “Can You Feel It” features the ultimate Juno bass.

It was far more brutal, hard and amped up, closer to the smash-and-grab, high-velocity funk of Chicago house than the. which includes covers of CLS’s “Can You Feel It?” and Giorgio Moroder’s “The C.

Millions of music fans around the world know Oscar-winning songwriter Giorgio Moroder as the. And I can tell you: I love it! I love to work. I travel the world now as a DJ and make nice money, so i.

Since there’s more out there than we’d ever be able to cover, here’s our daily digest of car stuff on the Web you may not otherwise have heard about. — What does electronica producer extraordinaire G.

All the traveling sincerely gets rough. But I just love to perform,” he says. Cuepoint: What sort of music did you listen to growing up in Italy? Giorgio Moroder: Well I never really listened to Itali.

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In the hubbub between panels showcasing the future of music composition and performance (like autonomous robots in operas) and outdoor shows by the likes of Giorgio Moroder. and Bernie Worrell (of.

He also famously re-edited Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love,” stretching it out for a glorious 16 minutes, and you could say he absorbed a musical aesthetic from that song’s original producers, Giorgio Mor.

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The music that Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte composed for Donna Summer’s. Be sure to watch the full video above for a full exploration of these iconic synth sounds. Below, you can download our.

Some fans say the Brian De Palma film, with its synth-laden Giorgio Moroder soundtrack, captured the spirit of. "There is a certain group of people who think it’s not how you make it but that you m.

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Technically, Shooter Jennings’ latest album Countach (For Giorgio) was inspired by the works of electronic music and movie soundtrack favorite Giorgio Moroder. But due to the. and I said, ‘Hey, you.